Enhance customer satisfying rate of our 5C Collet Chucks

We've noticed the high demand of our 5C Collet Chucks Inspection. To help customers easy access the inspection T.I.R, we've required our MFG inspect every piece of the chuck. We believe our buyers will be more satisfied with our 5C Collet Chucks.

The technicians of the MFG will inspect the 5C collet chucks one by one. They will create a report for each chuck. So in the future, each of our 5C collet chucks will have a unique serial no. on its side.

(The photo shows the sample chuck has a unique serial number within the red circle. The chuck you buy won't have the same serial no as the pic above.)

The unique number will also be printed on the report created by the MFG and packed into the parcel of the chuck. So it means each chuck has a unique inspection detailed report. The Inspection Sheet of each report has a different result. Only the chucks with acceptable runout and accuracy will be shipped to our warehouse.

(From the photo above, you can see a serial number and a result are on the Inspection Sheet of the report. The serial no. is the same as the one on the sample chuck. The result shows the sample D1-6 chuck has an acceptable accuracy. )

Maybe you will get a different result by your own method which may make you skeptical about the chuck. However, the MFG inspect it very strictly. Everything is so accurate. The MFG also export the chucks to the very large enterprises. All of them are working perfect.

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