ER Collets and Nuts - Mounting Instructions

How to Set Up and Take Out ER Collets

  1. Put the collet into the nut, turn the collet slightly, put it into the nut at the offered direction evenly. When the offset flange into the undercut of the collet.
  2. Fix the nut, and the collet on the spindle rotates the nut until the collet is in press. Wipe the straight shank of the cutter, and insert it into the pilot hole. Tighten the nut with a wrench till the cutter is clamped heavily
    (Caution: never tighten the nut without cutter in it for it will break).
  3. When changing the tool, loosen the nut, and it shall bring out the collet and the cutter together, and then draw the cutter out push out slightly the collet in the offered direction, it shall be ready for any change of the cutter.

The image above details how to mount and change ER collets and nuts. The same image is also available on product pages for 0223-09740223-0984, and ER Collet Systems.

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