Maintenance For Electronic Digital Outside Micrometers

(5-Key Electronic Digital Outside Micrometers)


Display “E 1” on LCD

Measuring value over display range.
Repairing: Reset the origin or convert to relative measuring mode.

Display “E 2” on LCD

The origin is too great.
Repairing: Reset the origin.

Display “E 3” on LCD
Display “E 8” on LCD

1. The micrometer is disturbed.
2. Something wrong with sensor.


  1. Reset the battery.
  2. Return the micrometer for repair. (when receiving the micrometer within 5 business days.)
Measuring value is not correct:

1. Measuring surfaces are dirty.
2. The origin isn’t correct.


  1. Clean measuring surfaces.
Display is confusing or dead: Suffer to strong disturb.
Repairing: Reset battery.
No display
Display is blurring
Suffer to strong disturb.
Repairing: Reset battery.
The output data is wrong: Battery voltage under 1.45V.
Repairing: Replace battery.



Resist water and resist dust. Do not disassemble the gauge. Do not move spindle past the upper limit of the measuring range.

Do not subject the gauge in strong magnetic fields and high voltage environment.

Do not use or store the gauge under direct sunlight, or in an excessively hot or cold environment.

Do not subject the gauge to blows or knocks. Do not drop the gauge or apply excessive force to the gauge.
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