Metric Precision Parallel Screwless Vise

Width: Width: 63mm (0536-VB25)

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The precision screwless vises have multiple sizesThe parallel screwless vises and rigid and accurate. They are intended to be used on most mills. In other words, they are compact enough to be mounted on even the smallest table mills. Beyond, the stationary jaw of each of the screwless vises has a threaded hole on each side. The hole is designed to mount a material stop for repeated jobs.

Accusize mm precision parallel screwless vises are produced of high-quality steel that is carburized to surface hardness: HRC55-60. With it, you can clamp the workpiece quickly and it is easy to operate. The parallel screwless vises are typically used for precision measurement and inspecting precision grinding, EDM and wire-cutting machine.

  • Produced of high-quality steel, carburized to surface hardness: HRC55-60
  • Parallelism 0.003mm/100mm, squareness 0.005mm/100mm
  • Quickly to clamp and easy to operate
  • Used for precision measurement and inspection precision grinding, EDM and wire-cutting machine
  • Guarantee high accuracy in any position
  • Material 20GrMnTi
  • Movable jaw pull into the base at 45 to 60° to ensure maximum holding power and hold down force, eliminating tilting and lifting
  • Has ground "V" way, Detachable replacement jaws
  • Strong fitted box
Diagram of Accusize Metric Precision Screwless Vise
Item A
0536-VB25 175 63 63 32 31 35 0-90 M6 11 11 2.9
0536-VB30 190 73 70 35 35 35 0-100 M6 12 12 4.3
0536-VB35 235 88 80 40 40 40 0-130 M8 14 14 6.5


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