DFG-0700, 1000 N, 224.80 lb, 101.97 kg Digital Force Gauges

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1000 N, 224.80 lb, 101.97 kg Digital Force Gauges, #DFG-0700

Digital Force Gauges
force gauge analog force gauge dial kit

These state-of-the-art Phase II Digital Force Gauges achieve a new level of dynamic precision and WORLD-CLASS quality. Easy to operate, these force gauges are engineered to obtain highly sensitive and accurate readings. Designed to withstand the rigors of a shop environment, unmatched accuracy is never compromised. Automatic peak/hold functions tolerance limit functions and average calculations of memorized data, show off some basic abilities. All digital force gauges can read in three resolution modes, lbf, kgf, and newtons. Each force gauge is supplied in kit form containing 5 measuring attachments and plastic carrying case. Force Gauges can be hand-held or mounted to an optional force gauge stand.

  • Heavy-Duty Construction
  • Extreme Accuracy to +/- 0.5%
  • Designed for tension/compression measurements
  • Min/Max Setting with Go/No Go Light Feature
  • Peak value controls
  • Auto weight conversion
  • Versatile range of gages are supplied in complete test kit form containing full set of accessories and carry case.
  • Can be hand-held or mounted to optional test stand


Model No.




1000 N
224.80 lb
101.97 kg

0.05 lb
0.005 kg

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