Carbide Tipped Annular Cutter with One-Touch Shank CBN Ground, ANSI Standard, Cutting Depth: 1" or 2"

Size: 11/16" x 1" (3080-2016)

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Carbide-Tipped Annular Cutter with One-Touch Shank CBN Ground, ANSI Standard, Cutting Depth: 1" or 2"

  • Carbide-Tipped Annular Cutters with ONE-Touch Shank
  • CBN ground
  • ANSI Standard
  • Cuts holes in steel accurately, quickly & safely
  • Large holes can be drilled up to ten times faster than regular drills bits
  • Make overlapping holes, slotting holes and edge cuts
  • Machine-finish hole-no reaming needed when used with Lubricant
  • American Standard
  • Carbide-tipped for long life and quick, efficient, and fast cutting through rust and corrosion.
  • The center-free design creates through holes by cutting only the periphery of the hole for greater productivity in comparison to twist drills; it Cut clean, burr-free hols.
  • Precision pilot pins eject the center as a plug of steel.
  • Can use on abrasive and tough-to-cut materials
  • More cutting teeth to distribute the load evenly so that increase tool life and achieve faster feed rates Maximize cutting performance of any portable magnetic drill press.
  • Feature a length flute to pull chips out when deep in the hole
  • Carbide-tipped cutting edges can be run at a higher speed than HSS, making increased wear resistance and suitability for higher cutting temperatures.
  • Produces little slag and a few chips for easy disposal. this tool geometry maintains better chip flow
  • 3/4" Weldon shank flats for fast loading and better rigidity which are suitable for most Magnetic drills or can be used in a drill press, mill, or lathe.
  • And this combined Nitto shank and the one-touch replacement system for Jetbroach carbide-tipped annular hole cutters. They are designed to be mounted and removed without the use of a tool. This reduces the time needed to replace cutters.
Item Dia. of Cut Cutting Depth
3080-2016 11/16" 1"
3080-2018 13/16" 1"
3080-2019 7/8" 1"
3080-2020 15/16" 1"
3080-2021 1" 1"
3080-2022 1-1/16" 1"
3081-2016 11/16" 2"
3081-2018 13/16" 2"
3081-2019 7/8" 2"
3081-2020 15/16" 2"
3081-2021 1" 2"
3081-2022 1-1/16" 2"

Size of Pilot Pins (sold separately):

Cutter diameter 11/16" is with 3/4" one-touch shank, Hole of pilot pin = Dia. 1/4"
Cutter diameter 13/16" to 1-1/16" are with 3/4" one-touch shank, Hole of pilot pin = Dia. 5/16"



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