11V9C Flared Cup Wheel

CuttermastersSKU: 11V9C-115C100

Style: CBN
Grit: 100/120
Diameter: 115mm

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Recommended wheel for HSS and carbide end mill ends and flutes

  • Two choice: 115mm (4") Diameter and 125mm (5") Diameter
  • 1-1/4" arbor
  • Resin bond with CBN or diamond
  • Choose CBN for HSS and diamond for carbide


This is our recommended wheel for HSS and carbide end mill ends and flutes. The wheel is flared, compared to the CMS-30 and 31, allowing for more complex operations such as end gash.


Choose CBN for high speed steel (HSS) tools and diamond for carbide tools.  CBN and diamond have similar hardness.  A key difference is that diamond grit media is composed of carbon which can interact chemically with the carbon in your steel tool when grinding at high speeds and temperatures.


We recommend the 4″ Flared Cup Wheel for basic tool grinders like the old CUTTERMASTERS (FCG-30, MG-30, CM-01) and our modern basic tool grinders (CM-01DC, JX). The smaller diameter gives better clearance in tight areas.

The 5″ cup wheel is recommended when position isn’t limited by the basic tool grinders. So if you are using the CM-Riser or have a tool grinder with height adjustment the 5″ Flared cup wheel may be preferable.

11V9C Versus Traditional 11V9 Cup Wheel

Cuttermasters Flared Cup Wheels, List

  • 11V9C-115C100   4-1/8” (115mm) CBN 11V9C 100 grit grinding wheel
  • 11V9C-115D100   4-1/8” (115mm) Diamond 11V9C 120 grit grinding wheel
  • 11V9C-125C100   5” (125mm) CBN 11V9C 100 grit grinding wheel
  • 11V9C-125D100  5” (125mm) Diamond 11V9C 120 grit grinding wheel
  • 11V9C-125C320  5” (125mm) CBN 11V9C 320 grit grinding wheel
  • 11V9C-125D320 5” (125mm) Diamond 11V9C 3200 grit grinding wheel
  • 11V9C-125C500 5” (125mm) CBN 11V9C 500 grit grinding wheel
  • 11V9C-125D500 5” (125mm) Diamond 11V9C 500 grit grinding wheel

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