3-Axis Digital Read Out DRO Glass Scale Kit for Milling Machine on Knee (X, Y, Z)

for Mill Size:: 10 x 54" (3028-1636)

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3-Axis Digital Read Out for Milling Machine on Knee (X, Y, Z)

Specifications of D80 Digital Readout

  • Voltage range: AC80V-260V / 50HZ-60HZ
  • Power dissipation: 15W(D80, D100)
  • Working temperature: -10°C - 60°C
  • Coordinate display: D80(Max.5 Axes)
  • Times frequency: 4X
  • Input signal: 5v TTL/RS422
  • Input frequency: ≤4MHZ
  • Operating keypad: Mechanical Keypad
  • Resolution: 0.1μm, 0.2μm, 0.5μm, 1μm, 2μm, 2.5μm, 5μm, 10μm, 50μm
  • 7" true color LCD screen, easy to recognizing
  • Saving the drawing function, the DRO allows saving the drawings into the system which makes the machining to be much more convenient
  • Special previewing of the drawing function, after setting well the parameters, the DRO will display the machined well effect which makes the operating be more visual
  • Displaying the tool's current position function, during the machining, the system will display the tool's current position according to the drawing which makes the machining be much easier
  • Help function, during the machining, if there is any doubt, pressing the help button will help you to solve
  • Custom settings for the shortcut keys, the operator can set the shortcut keys according to his operating habit

Kit Includes:

  1. All mounting hardware
  2. Three Linear glass scales
  3. One standard DRO Counter (#D80-3V)
  4. Operating manual
  5. Mounting arm for DRO
Item Mill Size Travel Overall Length of Scale
3028-1230 9 x 40" 12 x 30 x 16" 17 x 35 x 21"
3028-1232 9 x 42" 12 x 32 x 16" 17 x 37 x 21"
3028-1236 9 x 49" 12 x 36 x 16" 17 x 41 x 21"
3028-1240 9 x 58" 12 x 40 x 16" 17 x 45 x 21"
3028-1632 10 x 42" 16 x 32 x 16" 21 x 37 x 21"

PCD Function



Linear Scale & DRO System Installation Manual

Linear Scale & DRO System Installation Manual

D80 DRO Operation Manual

D80 DRO Operation Manual

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