TSCHORN 3D Tester Edge Finder, Digital & Analogue, 1/2" Shank, 0.11" Sensing Tip, IP67, 4944-3012


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Digital & analogue on one display, IP67 Waterproof and Dustproof

The 3D Taster 3D Digital is a revolutionary device that combines the best features of both digital and analogue readings, resulting in a new dimension in precision measurement and user-friendliness.

The clear and easy-to-read digital display of the 3D Digital features precise numerical values that can be read at a glance. This is especially beneficial when exact measurements are required.

Although the eye may struggle to keep up with rapidly changing digital displays, the analogue display of the 3D Digital provides visual stability that enables precise and reliable measurement readings. This ensures that the results can be interpreted accurately in any situation.

In addition to the analogue display, the 3D Tester 3D Digital also incorporates clever LED integration. The LED is designed with different colours to indicate the status of the probing process. This provides instant feedback on the progress of the process, helping to avoid collisions and unwanted defects. The automatic warning by the LED not only safeguards the workpiece but also the 3D Tester 3D Digital from damage, reducing the need for repairs.

With the 3D Digital, determining workpiece zero points and length dimensions in all axis directions (X/Y/Z) becomes a quick and effortless process. Whether you're aligning your workpiece on a mill, lathe, or other machining centre, the precision and ease of use of this probe will help you achieve optimal alignment. This saves time and ensures the highest quality of your machining results.

3D Tester Digital Digital & analoge gauge on one display. Slim design for perfect overview.

Advantages of the 3D Tester Digital:

- reliable reading thanks to the digital and analog gauge on one screen
- repeatability +/- 0,01 mm
- IP67 waterproof
- can be used with Tschorn's well-known ceramic probe tipsamiktasteinsätzen
- with serial number and test certificate
- automatic switch-off to save battery

The 3D Tester 3D Digital is more than just a compact and elegant design. It boasts exceptional robustness and waterproofing according to IP67, ensuring optimal performance under challenging conditions. This durability makes it suitable for a range of machining scenarios. 

To guarantee device traceability, each 3D Tester 3D Digital comes with an individual serial number and test certificate certifying its accuracy and reliability. 

The device comes with a CR2450 battery and ceramic probe tip Ø3, allowing for precise and repeatable measurements upon receipt. Both the battery and ceramic probe tip are available as spare parts, acknowledging the importance of durable tools in everyday work life. 

Operating the 3D Digital is simple - a gentle movement of the ceramic probe tip in any direction activates the device. An intelligent function ensures automatic shut-off after 2 minutes of inactivity to preserve battery life.

    Multi-Language Operating Instruction

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