Double Beam Mechanical Digital Height Gages

Range: 0-24" (DBHG-0024)

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Double Beam Mechanical Digital Height Gage

  • Gear driving, position precisely
  • Handwheel micro-adjust, adjust easily
  • Easy and error-free reading with both up and down digital counters
  • Can choose from purchase to revolve tightly solid device, tightly solid more convenient(order note)
  • Furnished with a double digital counter for quick and easy upward and downward readings
  • The dual directional counter can be zero set individually, and float zero points anywhere within the range
  • The counter is graduated in .01'', while the dial is graduated in 0.001''
  • Error-proof digital counter comes with a zero reset button
  • The bottom surface of the base is hardened, ground and lapped for maximum flatness
  • Fine adjusting wheel and lock
  • Dial graduations - 0.001''( 0.01 mm)

Item Range Resolution Accuracy
DBHG-0012 0-12"/0-300 mm 0.001" ±0.002"
DBHG-0018 0-18"/0-450 mm 0.001" ±0.002"
DBHG-0024 0-24"/0-600 mm 0.001" ±0.002"



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