1-7/8x2-3/8x2'' Universal Magnetic "V" Block Chuck, 2" Round Capacity, EG06-2004


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1-7/8x2-3/8x2'' Universal Magnetic "V" Block Chuck, 2" Round Capacity, #EG06-2004

These Magnetic induction blocks are not magnetized themselves. They are used in combination with a magnetic chuck as an auxiliary tool to hold round bars, flank of plates that are difficult to hold only by chucking

These blocks are placed on a magnetic chuck to induce magnetism to hold workpieces. Magnetism can be induced on two faces of top and side or V face and size

Specially shaped workpieces can also be held by the use of chuck blocks, thus making it possible to utilize the chucks in stock.


  • ''V'' blocks are universal (hold in any direction on a magnetic chuck)


  • Cast integrally with aluminum to ensure the blocks will never crack or become loose even when accidentally dropped.
  • Steel used is selected for the highest magnetic transfer and low retention of magnetic flux


  • Two V's 1-7/8" x 2-3/8" x 2"
  • Large V: 2" round capacity
  • Small V: 1/2" round capacity

Please be noted that the blocks not magnetic and need to be magnetized before use. You may de-magnetize them after use.

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