HEX ER-32 Collet Block, 6920-3206


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HEX ER-32 Collet Block, 6920-3206


  • Use standard ER collets for fast set-ups on CNC machines
  • For parallel, square or hex shapes as well as for cross-hole drilling at 60, 90 or 120 degrees
  • Made of Alloy tool steel hardened and ground to 0.0005" flatness, sureness and parallelism
  • May be used standing upright
  • Block dimensions are approximately 1-3/4" x 1-3/4" x 2-3/4" long.
  • 15/16" through-hole allows for long parts to be machined.
  • ER nut included.

Diagram of HEX ER32 Collet Block, 6920-3206

Design, Assemble, and Dissemble of ER Collet Nut

Eccentric Design, ISO 15488:2003(E), Accusize ER Collet Chuck Nut
Assemble Accusize ER Collet Nut
Inspection of Accusize ER Collet Chuck and Nut
Dissemble Accusize ER Collet Nut
Eccentric Design, ISO 15488:2003(E) Assemble Inspection Dissemble
The inside of the ER collet nut is intentionally designed like off-centering to help mount the ER collet much easier. It is in accordance with the requirements listed in ISO 15488:2003(E). If it is made symmetrical, the ER collet with the diameter larger than the inside size of the collet nut cannot be installed. Insert the ER collet into the nut at an angle. Lock it onto the eccentric groove of the collet nut and push it in. (Insert the cutter right after the step, before connect it to the holder/chuck/arbor.)

Inspect the RPM of the ER collet, ER collet nut, ER collet holder/chuck/arbor, etc. Take out the tool bit, press the end of the ER collet until the collet off the position. Push it out of the nut. (after take out the nut out of the holder.)

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