High Feed Face Mill, with WPGT Inserts

Cutting Diameter: 2" (0028-8020)

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Multi Flute, Trigon Style WPGT Carbide TiALN Coated Inserts Installed:

  • The major benefit of high-feed milling cutters is extremely high productivity, focusing on removing as much material as possible in the shortest amount of time. High-feed milling application requires small entering angles. The Accusize high-feed face mills with trigon WPGT carbide inserts is a powerful and economical milling tool with double clamping, shortening machining cycle time, and enabling much longer tool life by cutting resistant chip breaker. It also decreases cutting resistance and achieves high feed cutting.


Features of Carbide WPGT Inserts Installed on Accusize Hi-Feed Face Mills: 



  • Minor cutting edge improving surface quality, designed for decreasing thrust cutting force (load on the cutting tool)
  • Major cutting edge 1, optimal chip flow, minimize cutting load
  • Major cutting edge 2, supporting major cutting edge 1, with high rigidity of cutting edge, the embodiment of high feed cutting, and smaller "un-cut" part than round type button insert
  • Nose-R has reinforced rigidity for side-face machining, the round (nose-R) edge line suitable for high feed
  • Nowadays, many businesses and machinists apply the machining strategy of light cutting depths and very high-feed rates. Using a very small lead angle such as 10°~20° can be your first choice for high-feed machining with low depths of cut.


High-feed milling:

  • A process opens the door to more lucrative business opportunities by improving efficiency and application quality. The benefits overweight the challenges. The process amazingly improves productivity and tool life. Accusize Hi-Feed cutter can help you with the following features





      Dimensions of each Cutter:

      Item Cutting Diameter (D) Arbor Hole (d) OAL (L) ap Flute Insert Insert Screw  Clamp
      0028-8020 2" 3/4" 1.57" 0.059" 4


      (TiALN Coated, 2606-0415)

      M4 x 10


      0028-8025 2-1/2" 3/4" 1.57" 0.059" 4


      (TiALN Coated, 2608-0615)

      M5 x 12


      0028-8030 3" 1" 2" 0.059" 5


      (TiALN Coated, 2608-0615)

      M5 x 12


      0028-8040 4" 1-1/2" 2" 0.059" 6


      (TiALN Coated, 2608-0615)

      M5 x 12




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