2-Key Electronic Digital Micrometers, IP54, Ratchet Friction Thimble Type

Range: 75-100mm/3-4" (1323-4534)

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IP54 2 Key Electronic Digital Micrometers, Ratchet Friction Thimble Type

  • Protection level IP54, water-resistant and dust-resistant
  • Display data is the origin data of absolute measurement after changing the battery.
  • Function: Power switch; Origin data set;
  • Metric-inch conversion;
  • Absolute and incremental measurement conversion;
  • Data output.
  • Chrome-painted or painted frame. Carbide measuring faces.
  • Direct RS-232 output
  • Resolution: 0.001 mm(Metric); 0.00005"(Inch).


Item Range Accuracy
1320-1534 0-25mm/0-1" ±0.004mm
1321-2534 25-50mm/1-2" ±0.004mm
1322-3534 50-75mm/2-3" ±0.005mm
1323-4534 75-100mm/3-4" ±0.005mm
1324-5534 100-125mm/4-5" ±0.006mm
1325-6534 125-150mm/5-6" ±0.006mm


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