Metric Precision Toolmaker's Vise

Width: Width: 48mm (0536-VS20)

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Metric Precision Toolmaker's Vise, 0536 Series. The toolmaker's vises are for more delicate small parts, which we cannot torque on as much as we could on a regular machine vise with a lead screw. All surfaces of the vises are precision ground, which enables them to be used on all the orientations and can be re-orientated at any time. Machinists can let them work with milling machines to finish milling operations, work with surface grinders to grind holes and work with the drill press. 

The precision toolmaker's vises are not like the milling vises which have lead screws. The forces are not quite as much as the milling machine vises. The vises cannot be used to do heavy-duty applications. The orientation is a more important feature. So it is used on more delicate work where squareness and perpendicularity are the keys.

The toolmaker's vises are convenient tools for machinists.

  • Produced of high-quality steel, carburized to surface hardness: HRC55-60
  • Parallelism 0.003mm/100mm, squareness 0.005mm/100mm
  • Quickly to clamp and easy to operate
  • Used for precision measurement and inspection precision grinding, EDM and wire-cutting machine
  • Guarantee high accuracy in any position
  • Material 20GrMnTi
  • Has ground "V" way
  • Strong fitted box
Diagram of Precision Toolmaker Vise 1
Item A
L Weight
0536-VS20 156 48 52 25 27 25 0-63 34 M6 8 8 125  2.3
0536-VS25 176 63 63 30 33 30 0-73 40 M6 11 11 147  4.0
0536-VS30 190 73 73 35 38 35 0-76 45 M6 12 12 151  5.5
0536-VS35 250 88 80 42 38 40 0-115   M8       10

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