MWLN R/L Toolholders with Extra 10 Carbide WNMG Inserts

Accusize Industrial ToolsSKU: 2316-0012INS

Size and Model: 1"x6" MWLN R-16-4D w/ WMNG432 Carbide Inserts, Right Hand (2316-0012INS)

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MWLN R/L Toolholders with Carbide Inserts

  • Negative 5° end or side cutting edge angle
  • For turning, facing and copying
  • Accept negative 80° trigon WNMG inserts
  • Each holder comes with 10 pieces of TiN coated or CVD coated carbide inserts

  ** For purchasing additional inserts, you may find the corresponding Insert SKU below:




Right/Left Hand Toolholder (SKU#) Shank Square (A & B) F OAL


Finger Clamp Clamp Screw Locking Pins Shims
I.C. Thickness

Included Insert  (SKU#)

Compatible but not included Insert (SKU#)

2316-0008INS1 Right MWLN R-12-4C (2316-0008) 3/4" 1" 5'' 1/2'' 3/16" CVD Coated WNMG432-MD (2233-1022)

TiN Coated WNMG432  (2133-1022)

CL-6 XNS-0520



2316-0008INS2 Right MWLN R-12-4C (2316-0008) CVD Coated WNMG432-MD (2233-1022) TiN Coated WNMG432 (2133-1022)
2316-1008INS Left

MWLN L-12-4C


CVD Coated WNMG432-MD (2233-1022) (TiN Coated WNMG432, 2133-1022)
2316-0012INS Right

MWLN R-16-4D


1" 1-1/4" 6" 1/2" 3/16" CVD Coated WNMG432-MD (2233-1022)

TiN Coated WNMG432 (2133-1022)

CL-12 XNS-0829



2316-1012INS Left

MWLN L-16-4D


CVD Coated WNMG432-MD (2233-1022)

TiN Coated WNMG432 (2133-1022)



Carbide Inserts

WNMG432, Carbide Inserts, Tin Coated, 10 Pcs/Set


  • Carbide Inserts
  • C5 Grade Coated
  • ANSI #: WNMG432
  • ISO #: WNMG080408
  • Insert Style: WNMG
  • Insert Size: 432
  • I.C.: 1/2"
  • Thickness: 3/16"
Item Description
2133-1022 C5 Grade Coated, WNMG080408

Carbide inserts, CVD Coating, WNMG, Black/Yellow, 10 ps/box


  • For Turning & Boring
  • Material: Carbide
  • Coating: CVD Al2O3 TICN
  • Insert Grade: BPS101
  • Chip Breaker: MD
  • Machining Parts Material: Steel
  • Machining Process: finish

Product features

  • BPS101 Black/Yellow Coating Grade
  • CVD coated carbide grade, wear-resistance materials coated on the gradient sintered substrate which has both good hardness, toughness
  • Can bear high temperatures. For steel and steel castings finishing to roughing processing
  • Continue cutting to light interrupted cutting
  • Machining of gray and ductile iron at low to medium cutting speed
  • For hard materials, continuous cutting and light interrupted cutting from finishing to roughing
  • Wet and dry processing
  • Combination of fibrous TICN and fine-grained Al2O3 increases abrasion resistance and anti-chipping
  • Preferred choice chip breaker on General Purpose Finishing

Features of chipbreaker

  • For medium-duty turning
  • With broad capability for steel, stainless steel, grey and nodular cast-iron
  • Operations: turning, facing and profiling
  • Advantages: all-round, reliable with problem-free machining
  • Limitations: depth of cut and feed, risk of overloading the cutting edge
  • Components typically: axles, shafts, hubs, gears, etc.
Item # ANSI # I.S.O. # I.C. Thickness Hole Radius
2233-1022 WNMG432-MD WNMG080408-MD 1/2" 3/16" 13/64" 1/32"







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