Precision Block Sets, Metric and Inch, 2 Ps Set(1 Pair Set)

Size: 1-2-3 Block, 11 Holes (EG02-0405)

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1-2-3 precision blocks are precision ground block at exactly 1 inch by 2 inches by 3 inches. The 2-3-4, 2-4-6, and 25-50-75mm blocks apply the same principle. The blocks are accurately ground, so they are the standard that machinists use in terms of setting up, doing fixturing, touching off tools. They can be used with various milling machines' setup tools such as height gauge and test indicators in inspection for calibration and measuring.
The holes on the precision blocks enable them to be bolt together into different configurations. So the more holes a block has, the more configurations the pair of the blocks can create.
The precision blocks with fewer holes or without holes have advantages. During the milling application, the craps, chips, abrasives from the wheel, coolant, etc., could enter the blocks' holes. It lowers the total productivity of the work. The concerns can be solved by using the blocks with fewer holes or even no holes.

We are expanding the product line of Accusize precision blocks. We provide 1-2-3 blocks with no-holes, 1-hole, 11-hole, and 23-hole; we carry 2-3-4 blocks and 2-4-6 blocks with 23-hole. In the future, we are bringing more and more options. Choose the blocks based on your milling jobs. 

Features of Accusize Precision Blocks for metalworking milling setup:

  • Hardened steel, hardness HRC 50-60 on 6 sides
  • Precision ground and hardened on all sides
  • 11 holes consist of 5 tapped holes (5/16"-18 for EG02-0405 for clamping and 6 untapped holes drilled through)
  • 23 holes consist of 5 tapped holes (3/8"-16 for EG06-0411 & EG02-0412, 5/8"-11" for
  • EG06-0415 & EG02-0416) for clamping and 18 untapped holes drilled
  • Drilled hole size: 0.500-0.501" for EG02-0406
  • Cross drilling design gives minimum weight and maximum strength
  • Extremely versatile for precision layout, grinding and set-up work
  • Each set contain two matched blocks in pairs.
Item Size Count of Holes Parallelism Squareness Size Range
EG06-0411 1-2-3" 23 Holes 0.0002" 0.0003"/1" ±0.0002"
EG02-0412 25-50-75mm 23 Holes 0.005mm 0.0075 /25mm ±0.005mm
EG02-0405 1-2-3" 11 Holes 0.0002" 0.0001"/1" ±0.0003"
EG02-0406 1-2-3" 1 Hole 0.0002" 0.0003"/1" ±0.0002"
EG02-0407 1-2-3" No hole 0.0002" 0.0003"/1" ±0.0002"
EG06-0415 2-4-6" 23 Holes 0.0003" 0.0003"/1" ±0.0005"
EG02-0416 2-3-4" 23 Holes 0.0003" 0.0003"/1" ±0.0003"


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