Screw Thread Micrometers

Range: 0-1" (S916-C750)

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Screw Thread Micrometers

A screw thread micrometer is typically used to measures the pitch of the thread directly. The screw thread micrometer has a 60-degree pointed spindle and a double V-shaped swivelling anvil.

The screw thread micrometer reading indicates the thread pitch diameter. When the micrometer is zeroed, the pitch line of the spindle and anvil coincide. When the micrometer is used to measure the thread, it is measuring along the pitch diameter of the thread.

  • Resolution: 0.00015"
  • Measures pitch diameter
  • Includes anvil sets: (Number of anvils may vary for different size mic.)
  • 60 V-anvil and Conical Spindle are hardened and precision ground
  • Nice Fitted Case
Item Range Anvils
S916-C750 0-1" 5 tips set: 64-48; 44-28; 24-14; 13-9; 8-5 TPI
S916-C751 1-2" 5 tips set: 44-28; 24-14; 13-9; 8-5; 4.5-3.5 TPI
S916-C752 2-3" 4 tips set: 24-14; 13-9; 8-5; 4.5-3.5 TPI
S916-C753 3-4" 4 tips set: 24-14; 13-9; 8-5; 4.5-3.5 TPI
S916-C754 4-5" 3 tips set: 13-9; 8-5; 4.5-3.5 TPI
S916-C755 5-6" 3 tips set: 13-9; 8-5; 4.5-3.5 TPI


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