SPG422 Carbide Inserts, Tin Coated, 10pcs/box


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SPG422 Carbide Inserts, Tin Coated, 10pcs/box

Accusize carries TiN coated carbide square SPG Inserts. It is commonly used for milling, turning, facing and chamfering.  When a cutting edge of the SPG insert, a turning insert, becomes dull, you just need to rotate the insert in the holder to use the sharp edge. The TiN-coating enables the inserts to last longer than uncoated inserts. It is the replacement of inserts of Accusize 75 degree Indexable Face Milling Cutters.

  • Carbide Inserts
  • C5 Grade Coated
  • ANSI #: SPG422
  • ISO #: SPGN120308
  • Insert Style: SPG
  • Insert Size: 422
Item # Product # Inset ISO I.C Thickness Hole Radius
6136-1026 2136-1026 SPG422 SPGN120308 1/2" 1/8" - 1/32"

 Schematic Diagram of Accusize Carbide TiN Coated SPG Inserts

**Please note that the 75-Degree indexable face milling cutter is not included

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