6"x6" Magnetic Sine Plate, w/ 0.002" Angle Step, Center Distance of Rolls 5", within 0.0002", #2520-1000


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6"X6" Magnetic Sine Plate, #2520-1000

Center Distance of Rolls 5", within 0.0002"
  • Using high-quality materials, strong suction, small remanent magnetization, the magnetic distribution
  • The process through special processing, make the adjustment of the precision is higher.
  • Flat type for a wide range of uses.Ideal for high accuracy grinding operations
  • Sealed against dirt and liquids.
  • A removable handle and two precision ground rails are included for the magnetic chuck
  • Steel pole spacing: 1/16", brass pole spacing: 1/32"
  • Center distance of rolls 5", within 0.0002"
  • High holding power: max 140lbs/sq.in.




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