Precision Screwless Sine Vises

Dimension: 7-1/2"x3"x3-5/8" (BA66-0420)

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Precision Screwless Sine Vise

  • Provides a quick and accurate means of holding a workpiece at an angle for machining, drilling and grinding
  • Accuracy is further enhanced by the fact that the center, distance between the holes is held within 0.0002"
  • Small angles can be set easily and accurately by using standard gauge block sets because of the built-in 0.200" minute steps
  • Made of hardened solid steel
  • All surfaces hardened and ground.
  • Adjusts: 0-45°
  • Square and parallel within 0.0002"
  • the material of the precision angle plate are:
    • 20CrMnTi ( C:0.17-0.23; Si: 0.17-0.37; Mn:0.8-1.1; Cr: 1.00-1.30; Ti: 0.04-0.10)
Dimension L x W x H
Center Distanceeof Rolls Sq. & Parallel Jaw Capacity Jaw Height 
BA66-0420 7.48"x2.87"x4.13" 5.000" within 0.0002" 0.0002" 0-3.94"
BA66-0425 9.65"x3.94"x5" 10.000 within 0.0002" 0.0003" 0-5.12" 1.77"


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