Professional Premium Master Precision Levels, 6", 8" and 12"

Size: 6" X 0.0002"/10" (S908-C606)

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Professional Master Precision Levels

  • Adjustable main vial 0.0002"/10"
  • Base with V-groove.
  • With cross test vial.
  • Robust cast iron body.
  • Compare to regular master precision levels, this level is designed and produced in a more sophisticated environment.
Item Size (L) Accuracy B C D
S908-C606 6" 0.0002"/10" 1.830" 1.574" 1.732"
S908-C608 8" 0.0002"/10" 1.830" 1.574" 1.890"
S908-C612 12" 0.0002"/10" 1.830" 1.574" 1.890"


Schema of Professional Master Precision Levels


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