SDS6-2V, D60 2 Axis Digital Scale Display, Digital Readout



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D60 2 Axis Digital Scale Display, #SDS6-2V

  • Voltage range: AC 80V-260V/50HZ-60HZ
  • Power dissipation: 20VA
  • Coordinate number: 1/2/3
  • Display: 7-bit display with signed
  • Times frequency: 4X
  • Readout box input signal: TTL, ELA-422-A
  • Input frequency: >100KHZ
  • Resolution: 10μm, 5μm, 1μm, 0.5μm, & 0.1μm
  • Operating keyboard: light-touch buttons
  • Linear scale grating space: 0.04mm, 0.02mm, 0.01mm,The  power supply is +5V. the difference between two and four TTL output signal is 90°
D60 DRO Operation Manual

D60 DRO Operation Manual

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