HSS Spiral Point Taps, ANSI Standard, Ground

Please Select the Size of Spiral Point Taps: 1/2-20NF (SPT-1/2-20)

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HSS Spiral Point Taps, ANSI Standard, Ground, from 5/8-11NC to 1''-8NC

  • Made from high speed steel with ground threads.
  • Right hand cut, square drive shank.
  • Bright finish.
  • Spiral Point, American Standard.
  • Fully Ground.
Item # Size Flute H Limit
SPT-2-56 2-56NC 2 H2
SPT-3-48 3-48NC 2 H2
SPT-4-40 4-40NC 2 H2
SPT-4-48 4-48NF 2 H2
SPT-5-40 5-40NC 2 H2
SPT-6-32 6-32NC 2 H2
SPT-8-32 8-32NC 2 H2
SPT-8-36 8-36NC 2 H2
SPT-10-24 10-24NC 2 H3
SPT-10-32 10-32NF 2 H3
SPT-12-24 12-24NC 2 H3
SPT-12-28 12-28NF 2 H3
SPT-1/4-20 1/4-20NC 2 H3
SPT-1/4-28 1/4-28NF 2 H3
SPT-5/16-18 5/16-18NC 2 H3
SPT-5/16-24 5/16-24NF 2 H3
SPT-3/8-16 3/8-16NC 3 H3
SPT-3/8-24 3/8-24NF 3 H3
SPT-7/16-14 7/16-14NC 3 H3
SPT-7/16-20 7/16-20NF 3 H3
SPT-1/2-13 1/2-13NC 3 H3
SPT-1/2-20 1/2-20NF 3 H3
SPT-5/8-11 5/8-11NC 3 H3
SPT-5/8-18 5/8-18NF 3 H3
SPT-3/4-10 3/4-10NC 3 H3
SPT-7/8-9 7/8-9NC 3 H4
SPT-1-8 1"-8NC 3 H4

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