Self-Reversing Tapping Heads

Please Select the Item No. of Self- Reversing Tapping Head: 2600-4002

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Self-Reversing Tapping Head


  • Depth control
    After the machine spindle travel stops, the tap advances 0.140" ± 0.004".
  • Example: to achieve a tap depth of 1.000", stop the spindle at 0.860". The tap
    will advance an additional 0.140" to 1.000" deep.
  • NC Machine
    Set the torque as high as possible within the safe limits of the tap. The NC machine cutting feed equals (Top Pitch x Spindle RPM). Reverse feed equals 2 X (Top Pitch X Spindle RPM).
  • Right or left-hand yapping without modification; re-entry cushion
  • Please do not use the self-reversing tapping heads as drill chucks.


    • Guaranteed depth control; within ±0.004"
    • Chatter-free clutch has positive engagement which allows for a smoother, more accurate operation and more rapid reversal
    • Radial Float is self-centering to compensate for hole center misalignment
    • The unique Double Spring mechanism produces automatic feed and cushion drive. There are 2 springs for the feed and 2 springs for the reversal
    • Pre-set torque control permits easy operation of tap brake torque control
    • Head comes complete with 2 collets
    • 2600-4002 (JSN-07) package along with arbor MT1-JT6, MT3-JT6
    • 2600-4012 (JSN-12) package along with arbor MT3-JT6, MT4-JT6
    • 2600-4022 (JSN-20) package along with arbor MT3-20mm Thread, MT4-20 mm Thread
Item Tapping Capacity in Steel Jacobs Taper # REC. Max Speed (RPM) Reverse Ratio Body Diameter Overall Length Clockwise Compression Expansion Counter Neutral Clockwise Expansion Uses Collets


#0-1/4"(M2-M7) J-6 1500RPM 01:01.6 2.215 5.118 0.197 0.14 0.0023 0.394 I-116,117


#4-1/2"(M5-M12), 1/8" NPT J-6 1000RPM 01:01.8 2.95 6.14 0.197 0.16 0.0027 0.551 I-421,422


5/16-3/4"(M8-M20), 1/8", 1/4 NPT M20 600RPM 01:01.7 3.58 8.03 0.236 0.24 0.0036 0.551 I-441,445


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