APKT TiN Coated, Carbide Inserts, 10 Pcs/Box

Size: APKT1604 (0056-1604)

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APKT positive-rake parallelogram milling inserts are used to machine steel. Occasionally, some customers gave us feedbacks that those inserts can be used to machine stainless steel with ideal results.

The carbide TiN coated parallelogram milling inserts have an offset rectangle shape with four sides and two acute (85°) cutting points at opposite corners. They are mounted to a compatible toolholder / indexable milling cutter / indexable shell milling cutter / indexable face milling cutter, which is attached to a milling machine. They can be replaced with new inserts of the same type or different types without removing the toolholder cutter from the machine.

Indexable milling cutters require fewer tool changes than solid cutters in high-volume metalworking and fabrication applications with high speeds, high feeds, and difficult-to-machine objects.

Tin coated inserts work longer and are able to run at faster speeds than uncoated inserts.

The positive-rake feature enables the inserts to have an edge that is less than 90° to sit flat in the insert holder for improved cutting clearance and a better finish than negative-rake ones. The inserts have cutting edges on 1 side. They are TiN coated, which enable the inserts to work longer and are able to run at faster speeds than uncoated inserts.

When a cutting edge of the APKT insert becomes dull, you just need to rotate the insert in the holder to use the sharp edge.

The APKT inserts are with precision moulded I.C., positive moulded chipbreaker. They have sharp and honed cutting edge and 11° relief angle. They are with screw holes created in compliance with ISO. Typically, it is viewed as with 2 cutting-edges. However, they actually have 4 cutting edges. when they are installed on 90° indexable milling cutters and both edges become dull, they can be installed on 75° indexable milling cutters and continue other milling applications with the other two edges.

The APKT inserts are designed not only for the general-purpose milling application but for high-performance milling applications. The milling jobs it can be applied are from roughing to finishing applications.

Furthermore, you may use the APKT carbide inserts with medium to high cutting speeds with high rate material removal.

  • TiN Coated
  • APKT
  • Carbide
  • 10 ps/set
Item # Product # Insert ISO
Coating I.C.
0056-1130 APKT11T3 APKT113508 TiN Coated 0.244'' 0.137'' 0.110'' 1/32''
0056-1604 APKT1604 APKT160408 TiN Coated 0.366'' 0.208'' 0.173'' 1/32''



  1. Increased durability: The TiN coating provides added wear resistance and extends the life of the insert.

  2. Improved cutting performance: The combination of the carbide substrate and the TiN coating enhances the cutting performance and reduces cutting forces, resulting in improved surface finish and extended tool life.

  3. Increased versatility: APKT11T3 inserts can be used for a wide range of cutting applications and materials, including steel, cast iron, and aluminum.

  4. Cost-effectiveness: By providing improved cutting performance and extended tool life, APKT11T3 inserts can help reduce overall cutting costs.

  5. Easy identification: The TiN coating provides a distinct, easily recognizable color, making it easy to identify the insert type and its usage history.

  6. Improved cutting conditions: The TiN coating helps to maintain stability during high-heat cutting operations, improving cutting conditions and reducing the risk of tool failure.

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