75 Degree Indexable Face Mills with Carbide APKT1604 Inserts

Cutter Diameter: 2.5 inch (0028-2601)

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75 Degree Indexable Face Mills with Carbide APKT1604 Inserts

  • Note: Stop throwing away the used APKT16504 carbide inserts, uses the two unused corners of the APKT inserts to extends the tools life of the already used APKT 1604 carbide inserts
  • Suitable for generic face milling.
  • Surface milling for medium roughing.
  • Recommend for CNC and traditional milling machines.
  • Uses the two unused comers of APKT 1604 carbide inserts.
  • Extends the life of already used APKT insert by using the two unused edge of the insert which typically is used in a 90-degree end mill cutter.
Item Cutter
Arbor Hole
B E F No. of
Insert Insert
0028-2601 2.5" 0.75" 1.57" 1.75" 0.65" 4 APKT1604 M4 x 8
0028-2602 3" 1" 1.97" 2.25" 0.83" 5 APKT1604 M4 × 10
0028-2603 4" 1.5" 1.97" 3.75" 1.97" 6 APKT1604 M4 × 10


After a 90-degree indexable end mill cutter with APKT 1604 inserts is used, the inserts can still be working with the 75-degree indexable end mill cutter as the two unused edges of the inserts can be used for milling on the cutter. It extends the life of the inserts and saves costs.


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