Self-Lock Carbide Cut-off GTN Carbide Inserts, 0 Degree Angel, TiN Coated 10 Pcs/Box

Insert No.: GTN-3, (2403-2004)

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Self-Lock Carbide Cut-off GTN Carbide Inserts, Zero Degree Angel, TiN Coated 10 Pcs/Box

  • Typically for parting applications
  • For cut-off and grooving, Single-sided notation, TiN coated for extra strength at higher speeds.
  • Grade C-6 is a general-purpose grade for cutting all steel and stainless steel.
  • Carbide Inserts
  • C6 grade coated, providing much longer tool life than uncoated inserts
  • Insert Style: GTN
  • 10 pcs/box
  • 0° lead angle


Item # Insert Style Insert No. Width/Thickness
2403-2003 GTN GTN-2 0.087"
2403-2004 GTN GTN-3 0.120"
2403-2005 GTN GTN-4 0.160"
2403-2006 GTN GTN-5 0.200"
2403-2007 GTN GTN-6 0.250"


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