SLTBN 19-5, NCIH26-3, NCIH26-4, Self-Lock Carbide Cut-Off Tool Set, #2410-0013


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Self-Lock Carbide Cut-Off Tool Set


  • 1 pc SLTBN19-5 Tool Block 3/4"
  • 1 pc NCIH26-3 adjustable blade, 0.120" insert width
  • 1 pc NCIH26-4 adjustable blade, 0.160" insert width
  • Blades marked with Vernier increasing line in 32nd.
  • 5pcs GTN-3 carbide inserts, Grade C6, 0.120" insert width, TiN Coated
  • 5pcs GTN-4 carbide inserts, Grade C6, 0.160" insert width, TiN Coated
  • All kits include 1 insert wrench, 1 allen wrench and packed in fitted case


Material Type

The material of the blade body is standard spring steel, which is 60Si2Mn (equivalent to the American steel ASTM9260). The Rockwell hardness after hardened is HRC40. 

Chemical Composition

  • C ï¼?.56ï½?.64
  • Siï¼?.50ï½?.00
  • Mnï¼?.60ï½?.90
  • S :≤0.035
  • P :≤0.035
  • Cr:≤0.35
  • Ni:≤0.35
  • Cu:≤0.25



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